LeetCode Interview

[Experienced] Microsoft Virtual Onsite August

Round 1:
Normal day to day work related questions.

Coding problem:

Array having unsorted numbers. Find the max difference between 2 numbers A[i]-A[j] where i>=j. Solved in optimal way
Print a matrix in spiral way clockwise and anticlockwise direction both. Solved
Round 2:
Project related questions.
Coding problem: DP problem (LC Hard) similar to Edit Distance problem. Solved

Round 3:
LLD problem: Logs are coming in a particular format from 100s of machines. Raise an alert when particular Log Level messages crosses a threshold and return stats for all machines. Constraint: Alert for sliding window of X hours. Solved

Round 4:
HLD problem: Design a system to upload multiple format files and store their metadata. Metadata should be indexed and searchable like we can search a word in any document or search image of particular colour/size/format etc.
Could not approach the problem as per interviewer's requirement

Another problem: Guess the next possible words in a sequence.
["A1", "A3", "A5"] extend this sequence to 6 length.
Ans wil be ["A1", "A3", "A5", "A7", "A9", "A11"]
Input can be anything, you need to figure out a sequence and extend it for the required length.
Another ex: ["AB1", "BC3", "CD5"] extend it to 5 length.
Ans will be ["AB1", "BC3", "CD5", "DE7", "EF9"]
Able to provide an approach and had a discussion for possible cases. Not sure if I was correct or wrong as time was up for the interview and we had to end the discussion.